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Whitechapel Escorts – how i used his iPhone to find out he was seeing escorts

How to Put an iPhone to Good Use

If you are concerned about where your husband partner goes to late at night, you may just want to invest in an iPhone. Follow Mee GPS tracker is a great little device that you can install on your iPhone when you want to find out what somebody is up to. That is how I find out that my husband was back dating cheap Whitechapel escorts. 

When I got married to my husband, I knew that he had a past history of dating cheap Whitechapel escorts. On our wedding night, he promised me faithfully that he would not date Whitechapel escorts again. As I am a very trusting sort of person, I did not hesitate to believe my husband. It was the wrong thing to do. After about six months of marriage, it was clear that he could not stay away from dating Whitechapel escorts.

Help! My Husband is Addicted to Dating Whitechapel Escorts

It did not take me long to figure out that something was going on. My husband came home late or he went out after dinner. When I asked him where he was going, he told me that he was going to the gym. I knew it to be a lie right away as he is not the sort of guy who is into the gym. To find out what was really going on, I placed a GPS tracker on his iPhone. It soon became apparent that he was seeing the cheap girls at Whitechapel escorts services again.

The question was what I should do about it? Should I let him carry on dating cheap escorts or should I tell him to stop? I was very much in love with my husband and I have to admit that I was worried about losing him. The fact that I was ten years younger than him did not help at all. Also, he was rather well off and I did not want to lose my lifestyle. I had worked hard to get this man, and letting go would not come easy.

How to Get Your Husband to Change His Ways

Getting your husband to change his ways is not always that easy. I knew that my husband had been dating cheap Whitechapel escorts and from other escort agencies like Canary Wharf escorts, Stratford escorts, East London escorts, East Ham escorts, Romford escorts, Hackney escorts, Isle of Dogs escorts, Ilford escorts for a long time before we met up. When I stopped and thought about it, I realised it was a habit. If you like, dating Whitechapel escorts was kind of drug addiction for my husband. I was pretty sure that if I asked out, he would not give up dating the girls at the escort agency in Whitechapel. Clearly, I needed to take a different approach.

At the time I was working in this nail bar in London. It was just really for pin money but I liked the job. I decided that I would put the time when I was not at the nail bar to good use. Instead of complaining about Whitechapel escorts, I would try to get a job there instead. I was not bad looking and I guess that if I dressed up like a tart, I could pass for a Whitechapel escort.

Working for Whitechapel Escorts

Like so many other hopefuls, I sent in my photos to Whitechapel escorts. To my surprise, the boss of the escort agency in Whitechapel came back to me almost right away. He asked me if I wanted to join, and I said yes. This would be my perfect revenge on my errant husband. Within a matter of days, my photos had gone up on the website, and I was waiting for my first outcall.

A couple of days later, my husband came home from work looking all flustered. He said that we needed to talk. He was obviously feeling very uncomfortable and I realised that he may have seen my images on my cheap Whitechapel escorts website. I was not sure what to say so I let him take the lead.

Instead of beating around the bush, he came straight out with it. He asked me why I was trying to join cheap Whitechapel escorts. I had to admit that I did not want to play games. It was easy to tell him that I had figured out that he was still dating Whitechapel escorts. I told him what was good for the goose was good for me as well. He was completely taken back, and since that day, he has never once dated Whitechapel escorts. Like I said to him, you never know where your wife is going to turn up. Did I tell him I tracked him? No, I did not. That will always be a secret between and his iPhone just in case…

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