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East London used to be a very run down part of town but it is changing quickly. A lot of the old East London has gone, and old apartment blocks and warehouses have been replaced with new buildings housing some of the most expensive real estate in the entire world.

East London never used to be a really popular place to go, but new bars and clubs seem to be springing up quickly. Many hotels are also moving into the area, and business men appreciate the proximity to London’s Dockland Airport.

Still, East London has a different feel to it, and you may even be able to find the odd Pie and Mash shop around. However, most of old East London has now gone forever and only memories are left.

With the revival of East London has come many new services. Not only are there some quality restaurants but you will also find that some premium escort agencies have opened up in the area. They service international business men as well as some of the local lads who fancy a night out.

East London escorts are quickly gaining popularity from isle of dogs escorts, tower hamlets escorts, ilford escorts, tower bridge or stratford escorts. Many of them are now competing in popularity with their West End rivals. There are even some business men who prefer dating East London ladies. 

Not all East London escorts are local girls. Traditionally, East London has always had a very international community, and this continues until this day. Many East London escorts come from all over the world, and you are just as likely to find a girl from Spain here as you are a local talent.

More Than a Date

Most East London escorts are real dream girls, and you be excused for thinking that your date for the evening is a porn star. She might be aiming to be a porn star but until she hits the dizzy heights of success, she is your dream girl and date. The truth is that many of the East London escorts are very beautiful, and most of them are very natural as well.

A lot of people who are new to dating escorts presume the girls are going to be a bit vulgar and cheap. When it comes to East London girls quite the opposite is true, and you should not be surprised when an absolutely gorgeous girl turns up for your date.

Quality of Service

The quality of service provided is second none, and East London escorts offer the same type of services as you will find in Central London. The girls offer incalls and outcalls, and many of the girls are happy to take you out for a night on the town. A lot of them do know a lot of the local club owners, so you will find that they will make sure you get the best table and service on your date.

There is also something very unique about East London ladies. They have almost an air of innocence about them, and many business men say that they have had the time of their life when they dated an East London escort. Perhaps if you want to have a really good time, you should try a date with an East London escort.


Many business men do recommend East London escorts. We had an opportunity to talk to one of the guys who date escorts from this part of London on a regular basis. He is an international business traveler from Holland, and comes to the UK to sell golf equipment.
His name is Herman and he has a lot of experience of dating escorts.

Herman says that he prefers dating East London girls because the girls are so obliging. They really seem to enjoy what they do, and often it feels like you are going out with more than just a dating companion. Herman was quick to point out that one East London escort even caddied for him at a recent golf tournament. She was the sexiest and best caddy he had ever had, and she even put some of the other golfers off.

Fortunately, she did make sure that Herman got to the green every time. She must have been his lucky mascot as Herman won the golf tournament. Afterwards, they shared his bottle of champagne back at her apartment before they finished off their day together with a sensual massage.

What can be better than winning a gold tournament with a beautiful girl by your side? it may sound totally unbelievable but it is true. You never know what is going to happen when you date East London girls.

Freedom of Choice

When you stay in this part of London, you can decide to stay and enjoy this part of town. Alternatively, you can pop across the river to enjoy some of the delights of Central London. There are many so many places to go in London that you will be spoiled for choice.

If, this is your first visit to London you can always arrange a date with different girl every night. The great thing is that your sexy companion will have a different idea of what is fun and let you experience something new every night. You can even book a different nationality every night if you like, or you might fancy a girl with big boobs one night but go for a smaller version the following night.

What to do on a date?

There are many different things you can do on a date. You can stay at home, or just go out to live it up a bit. Staying indoors can be a lot of fun. You can chill out with a nice glass of wine, and watch a couple of porn movies with your gorgeous sexy companion.

If you are really tired and stressed, you can even ask your date for the evening to give you a massage. When you are tired and have traveled a long way, there is nothing as stimulating and enjoyable as a nice massage. A good quality massage can really get all the senses going, and you will enjoy it even more in the hands of an experienced masseuse.

You should always know that there is no pressure to do anything special when you date one or two East London escorts.

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