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East Ham Escorts Speak Out About the Favorite Sex Position Myth

Do you have to be in the same sex position all of the time to enjoy sex? The first answer to that question which may spring into your head is yes, but in fact, you don’t need to be in the same sex position all of the time to enjoy good sex according to the girls at East Ham escorts. Some women may find it harder to have an orgasm if they are not in their favorite position, but you should not let that stop you. Instead, you should try to explore as many different positions as you can.

Top 3 Tips from East Ham Escorts on How to Make Your Sex Life More Exciting

There is no shortage of women who think that the only way to enjoy an orgasm is to be laid on her back with her legs spread eagle. The girls at East Ham escorts are speaking from years of experience when they say that there are unlimited ways to make your sex life much more interesting. It is not all about the position.

Location, Location, Location

The location you have sex in can make all of the difference. Most of us go into auto-drive mood when we think about having sex. Men often turn into cavemen, sling their girl over their shoulder and carry her into the bedroom. Are they simply lazy lovers? Men may not be lazy lovers say East Ham escorts, but they may be a little bit blinkered. Why not find somewhere in the house to make love?

Also, what are you waiting for? Do you always have to hang fire until you get back to her place for that cup of coffee which you don’t really want? A hot tip from East Ham escorts would be to pull over in your car somewhere and slowly seduce her. That would certainly be a change of tactic for most men.

Introduce Sex Toys

Why not introduce some sex toys? Exploring and adding fun to your sex life is another way to make it more exciting. Sex toys are so advanced these days that you can even operate them remotely. But the girls at East Ham escorts say that there is no need to get so technical. If this is the first time you have tried to play with sex toys together, it is a much better idea to go for something less technical. The simpler is normally the better. Start off by introducing a dildo or a sexy vibrator, and see what she thinks about that. If she enjoys it, you can always treat her to some other toys.

Advice on Setting the Scene by East Ham Escorts

Is it a good idea to set the scene? If you would like to become a truly sensual lover, you may want to practice setting the scene. That is not all about hanging an oversized mirror above the bed and investing in satin sheets. Like the girls at East Ham escorts say, setting the scene is something which starts before you open the bedroom door. It is all about getting her favorite bubbly, lighting a few candles and maybe even cooking the dinner. 

According to East Ham escorts, the element of surprise is one of the best ways to turn on a woman. You never know, it may even inspire her to try a new sex position. Instead of ending up in the bedroom under the duvet, you may end up making love on top of the dining room table or enjoying the vibrations of the washing machine. Take it in small steps and before you know it, you will have introduced new dimensions which can seriously help you to keep your sex life alive, and make it more interesting. 

If you need any more information, why don’t you go ahead and contact the sexy kittens at East Ham escorts? They are bound to have even more interesting sexy top tips to share with you. These are only the first three top tips, and if you feel that you need more, all you have to do is to call the escort agency in East Ham and the girls will be delighted to help you to explore your sexual identity even further. 

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