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What Is Going to Happen to My Businessmen Regulars after Brexit? 

Will there be less millionaires in London after Brexit? That may not worry you, but it certainly worries a lot of us girls at cheap Notting Hill escorts. When I take a look in my dating diary which I have been keeping since I joined the escort agency in Notting Hill. Many of my regular dates come from businessmen and millionaires who have made London their home. What will happen to them, or rather what will they do, if Brexit goes belly up?

Dating High Profile Businessmen at cheap Notting Hill Escorts

I know the girls at Notting Hill escorts are not the only girls in London who date millionaires or high profile businessmen, but we do have a very high proportion of rich gentlemen on our books. Many of them are foreign, but also a large part of our dating base, is made up out of English gentlemen who o business in Europe.

Lately I have been thinking that a no deal Brexit can be a double whammy for Notting Hill escorts The foreign gentlemen may just go back to their home countries and the rich ones may just relocate to Europe. I know that many of the English high profile businessmen I date at the moment already have villas in places like France and Spain. A couple of them have even confided in me that they are looking for apartments in places like Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin. If there was a problem with Brexit, I could see many of them leaving.

How to Handle the Situation

Yes, I am worried about the situation and it would mean that I would lose almost 90% of my dating diary. That is a very high figure and I keep on wondering if that would mean the end of my Notting Hill escorts career. Like so many other cheap escorts in Notting Hill and the rest of London, I have a cover job. It is just a little job that I can stick on my CV when I finally put my Notting Hill escorts heels to the back of the wardrobe.

Fortunately I have been with the Notting Hill escorts for some time, and I have been able to buy my own flat without a mortgage. But I am not sure that my little part time job will be enough to keep me in my favorite lipstick colour if you know what I mean. I think that I would have to extend my hours and even find myself a Sugar Daddy to help me out.

The Future of Notting Hill Escorts Services

I am not sure if the government has any concrete figures on how much the adult industry in London pays into the Chancellor’s coffers. But, I am pretty sure that it is a rather substantial amount when it all comes down to it. 

Should we not being asking ourselves how much Brexit is actually going to cost? I am not sure that the government really knows, and I may ask one of the gents I see a lot of at cheap Notting Hill escorts. He seems to have his stuff well together as you say, and he has told me that he has bought a place in Amsterdam. It makes me wonder how many rich businessmen and millionaires in London are really planning their escape, just like what other escorts like Belgravia escorts, Covent Garden escorts, Belsize Park escorts, Charing Cross escorts, St John’s Wood escorts, Oxford Circus escorts, Tottenham Court Road escorts think about it. Should I be doing the same?

Amsterdam seems to be a very popular place to move to. I guess that it is not a million miles away from London, and I do wonder if there are escort agencies in Amsterdam which would benefit from the experience of Notting Hill escorts. After all, it is beginning to sound like there are going to be a lot of English people living in Amsterdam if a deal does not go through. If I stay open minded about my opportunities, maybe I will find that the future me, and some of my colleagues from cheap Notting Hill escorts is European as well. At least, I think that they speak fluent English in Amsterdam. It could be the perfect solution for me. Mmmm…maybe one of my regulars would like to be my Sugar Daddy and I could live with him in his nice canal side apartment in Holland. 

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