How to Choose the Best Female Companion in London

female companionLet’s paint this picture: you’re on holiday in London, you want to explore all of the sights, but you don’t want to go alone. Do you hang in a pub and wait to find some mates? Or would you rather explore this beautiful city with a lovely lady?

Whether you need a better sex life or you want to have a beautiful woman accompany you on your holiday, there are several benefits when you hire an escort. But, it can be pretty tricky to know where to start.

Relax — read this guide so you know how to choose the nicest and most beautiful female companion for your holiday in London.

Find a Reputable Escort Directory

The biggest concern when choosing a female companion is safety — for both the escort and for the client.

You don’t want to end up in the middle of a drug war, a john in a sex trafficking ring, and you want to make sure the escort is with you of her own consent.

For example, you wouldn’t trust any woman you find on the streets. So why trust any website or advertisement without doing some research?

Exploitation and trafficking are major concerns, so be sure to do some research and don’t trust the sources where women are forced or coerced into becoming an escort.

Find a source where women choose to do the business on their own free will.

And this should seem obvious — find a woman who’s of-age. If any of these websites promote women who are young or look young, don’t trust them.

Find an adult woman who you can have a few drinks with and chat it up at a loungey pub.

And you don’t want to be caught in the middle of violence, drug-related activities, or a police scam. Just because you’re a john doesn’t mean you can’t be arrested or become engaged in criminal activity against your own will.

It’s difficult to know what sites are reputable or not. But as you browse through the internet, you get a better idea.

Find a Woman Who’s Your Type

A common worry amongst men is the type of women you receive: will she be hot? Is she my type?

No longer are the days when you search the classifieds for a female companion.

Most websites offer pictures and descriptions of the women. Some descriptions include their race and nationality, and even some include any fetishes and sexual preferences.

Find one that suits your needs and interest. If you prefer a woman of a certain nationality or fetishize certain ethnicities, there are plenty of women in this category.

Or if you enjoy sexual acts such as BDSM and want an escort who consents to this sexual activity, there are also categories for this.

But if you’re a simple guy and just want a pretty girl, there are plenty of beautiful women in London you can choose.

Do You Prefer an Agency or Independent?

This is probably something you never thought about. A female companion can work independently or work within an agency. There are pros and cons to both.

Women now have all freedom to work independently as an escort. They run their escort business just as anyone would run their own business — they set their own wages, hours, and offer the most personalized service.

But independent escorts aren’t for every client. Independent escorts are usually cheaper because you’re not paying for an additional middle-man.

But your options are limited (referring to the preferences stated previously) and each escort has different standards of handling their business.

This is why a lot of johns prefer going through an agency. You have a wide selection of women to choose from, and the broker will assist you in picking out the perfect girl.

Since the business aspect is easily controlled by the middle-man, everything is usually more secure.

Because of the middle-man aspect, agencies are usually more expensive. It’s best to look at your preferences, your price range, and what you think is best.

Know Your Budget

You want a hot chick and you want to order an escort safely. But money is also a potential issue. Escorts aren’t cheap — some charge a lot of money up-front or they seem like they charge a small amount, but that’s for a certain time period.

Before you select a female companion, have a budget in mind. You don’t want to go too cheap, but you don’t want to break the bank.

Each escort should have a price. Some may charge a flat fee, others charge per half hour or per hour, or others charge per service. Keep these pricing structures in mind while working your budget.

If she’s the girl of your dreams, understand you may have to pay a hefty price. Determine if this is worth it before giving her a call.

Check Reviews

Whether you prefer agency or independent, always do research into the company. It’s easy for internet-based escort companies to scam you.

For example, a common trend with scam escort sites is using a random hot girl’s picture as an advertisement.

But this girl isn’t one of their employees; the picture is used to entice customers, but the girl they receive looks different than the one in the picture.

If the girl looks ‘too good to be true’ save her image and do a reverse image search.

As with any businesses, check reviews.

If the company is legitimate or is sketchy, reviewers will post reviews online. However, you may have to check forums to get the most trustworthy reviews. It’s easy for these companies to filter out bad reviews on normal web searches.

Some escorts are also active on social media. Search their names and see if any Instagram or Twitter accounts appear. Check their posts and make sure they look like the image advertised.

Time to Find a Credible Female Companion

You want to hire a nice lady to accompany you in London, but you also want to be satisfying. There are so many escort options, the act of choosing a woman is more overwhelming than being in the presence of a beautiful woman.

But be smart, do your research, set your price, and have standards. Once you make plans with the perfect escort, it will all be worth it.

For a fun night in London, take a look at our women.


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