9 Sexy Time Ideas to Better Please a Woman

Looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom?

Want to be remembered as being an Adonis in bed?

Having sex with a woman should be a mutually beneficial experience. Too often the woman walks away without orgasming and without having a great time.

sexy time

As a man you must take your time and do your part to make sure your woman enjoys herself.

This article will give you 9 tips to improve sexy time and better please your woman in bed.

1) Make a Day of It

By this we don’t mean have sex all day long, rather be sexy all day long.

Get your female partner geared up for sex by being extra physical and loving throughout the day.

These moves don’t need to be over the top. Simply rest your hand on your woman’s’ lower back and guide her while she walks or grab her hand. Brush her hair behind her ear.

Frequent physical contact will ignite her senses and make her want you to touch her even more.

2) Ask Her What Her Fantasies Are

For some reason talking about sex between men and women has become more taboo than actually performing the sex itself.

There’s no reason why you and your partner can’t have an open and honest conversation about what you like in the bedroom.

Ask her if there’s anything she wants to try with you or any position she’s always wanted to do. This is the moment you need to really listen and internalize everything she’s saying. Save these nuggets of knowledge for when you go to bed together.

She will be extra appreciative that you took the time to take her needs into consideration. She will probably even reward you for it.

3) Go Down on Her First

When it comes to oral sex, women are often treated second or not at all.

Switch things up and wow your woman by going down on her first. Be sure to start slowly with gentle licking. Remember her clitoris is incredibly sensitive and if you go down on her too vigorously it could become painful.

When you’re performing oral sex on your woman get your fingers involved. You know how good it feels when she gives you head and uses her hand on your shaft at the same time? Do the same for her by sucking her clitoris while fingering her vagina.

4) Kiss Her Neck

If you want her to remember you long after you leave her side pay close attention to her neck.

Kissing a woman’s neck is a very intimate move as she’s exposing an extremely vulnerable part of herself.

Neck kisses feel amazing for your woman and should occur through the entirety of your sexy time with her.

5) Talk to Her

Women can get just as nervous as men during sex. They think they aren’t performing well or that they don’t look good in whatever position they’re in.

It’s your job to silence the anxiety in her head. Give her sexy affirmations by telling her how beautiful she is. If you love her long hair, tell her. If you think her hips are amazing, tell her.

Tell her how good it feels to be inside of her and you’ll make her confidence skyrocket. Women like to know that they’re attractive and that they’re pleasing you.

Once you start reassuring her of how awesome she is she will really come alive sexually.

6) Find Her G-Spot

The G-Spot is a hypersensitive area on the front wall of a woman’s vagina. Find this spot and you’ll please her greatly.

Stimulating her g-spot can lead her to incredible vaginal orgasms and you will feel amazing as she quivers around you.

Doggy style is one of the best positions for hitting her g-spot. Since doggy style can lack the connection or face to face sex it’s important that your woman is comfortable. Ask her if she’s in a good spot before you start penetrating her from behind.

7) Give Her a Massage

Massages are incredibly erotic and underrated when it comes to sexual activities.

Massaging your woman before sex gives several benefits. The first is that any muscles she has that were tight will be loosened up and she will feel amazing. The second is that the massage will make her feel valued and in the mood to express gratitude.

Grab your favorite massage oil and take your time exploring your woman’s body through massage. Sex doesn’t have to just be penetration, all the moments leading up to it can be just as enjoyable.

8) Let Her Take Control

One way to ensure your woman has a great sexy time with you is to let her get on top.

When a woman is on top she can control the pace and angle of sex. She can speed things up when she feels like it and slow down when she needs a break.

Being on top is empowering for woman and gives them a better chance of reaching orgasm.

9) Pay Attention to Her After

Just because the sex is done doesn’t mean you are. If you want a woman to remember you it’s important to maintain physical contact with her after sex.

How intimate the contact is will depend on your relationship with the woman. If you’re dating or you know each other well, pull her into you and have a cuddle session. If you don’t know her as well simply rest your hand on her leg or hold her hand.

She will like the extended contact as you both come down from orgasm. This is a great time to tell her she did amazing and that she’s beautiful. Sincere flattery after sexy time will get you everywhere.

Enjoy Your Sexy Time and Respect Your Woman

Having good sex is as simple as giving as much as you receive.

If you take the time to listen to what your woman wants and respond accordingly, you will definitely blow her mind.

Looking for a female escort yourself? Check out our article on what makes a great female escort.

And remember, sex should always be respectful and consensual.


8 Erotic Role Play Ideas to Try

role play ideasRole playing is a fun way to spice up your activity in the bedroom, whether you’re in a longterm relationship or just interested in a night of fun.

Still, many couples admit that getting into the spirit of role play can sometimes be difficult. It’s not that they’re uncomfortable with it — it’s just that they have trouble coming up with role play ideas.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, then keep on reading this article. In it, we’ll share with some of our favourite role play ideas.

Then, we’ll tell you how we can help you to make them happen.

1. The “Doctor And Patient” Role Play

Let’s start out our list of role play ideas with something that many people have likely fantasized about: the doctor and the patient.

First of all, this role playing scenario gives you the opportunity to dress up and use a few props during your scene. There are lots of places that stethoscope could go, and unlike real doctors, you’re not bound by any sort of ethical code.

Get to know all of your partner’s body, and pay special attention to those areas that need a little extra care.

When you’re finished, why not switch roles and start all over again?

2. The Naughty Criminal And The Cop

One word: handcuffs.

Whether you’d prefer to be in the dominant or the submissive role, you can have hours of fun interrogating the criminal and engaging in consensual and sexy techniques to make them talk.

You can also use this opportunity to begin to get comfortable with the idea of bondage play. Especially if you’re new to the scene, this role play scenario will help you get familiar with sensory deprivation, rope play, and much more.

If you really want to take it to the next level, you can always leave the criminal in jail for a while, while you taunt them from the other side of the bars.

If you’re going to engage in heavier bondage in this role play, however, make sure you set boundaries and come up with a safe word if things get too intense.

3. The Stripper

The stripper is one of the most common role play ideas, and with good reason.

If your stag party left a lot to be desired, or if you’d give anything to relive that night, asking your partner to become your personal stripper for the night is the perfect idea.

Be sure to drop a few hints about the types of moves and lingerie you’d prefer her to wear, and don’t forget to go take out a few notes from the bank for a tip.

4. The Movie Character

Thanks in no small part to the on-screen relationship of characters like the Joker and Harley Quinn (and, yes, 50 Shades of Grey) character role play ideas have never been more popular.

Is there a character from a novel, television series, or film that you’ve always been attracted to? An on-screen costume that really turns you on?

If so, then bust out your sewing machine (or just look online) for the costumes that you need. You can re-enact your favourite on-screen sex scenes, or simply flip the script and have your dream characters get together.

5. The Hired Help

Next up on our list of the best role play ideas?

Why not dream up a scenario where one of you is the master or mistress of the house, and the other is the hired help?

It’s time to think outside of the traditional French maid fantasy. Instead, try being a pool boy or girl (you could definitely have a lot of fun in your pool!)

Also, try being a gardener, foreign language tutor, or anything else you can come up with. If you want to take your fantasy to the next level, you can even tip your partner for their excellent services afterwards.

6. Massage Role Play

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard not to get turned on during a massage, especially if the person you’re getting it from is attractive.

But when you role play as though you’re inside of a massage parlour, you can take things to the next level. Invest in some scented oils or even massage candles, and rub every inch of your partner’s body.

To build the tension, make sure you go slowly and don’t be afraid to bust out the dirty talk.

7. Meeting A Stranger

Especially if you’ve been with your partner for a long time, there’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of meeting a stranger.

However, in this scenario, that stranger is your partner!

This is a fun one because you can extend the stranger role play scenario outside of just the bedroom. Why not buy a wig, wear something you normally wouldn’t, and book a romantic dinner with your “new” fling somewhere in town.

Then, you can get all the excitement of a one night stand without having to result in cheating on your partner.

8. Secretary-Boss

There’s a reason that some role play ideas have stood the test of time.

Especially if you’re interested in exploring power dynamics in your relationship, boss-secretary dynamics, with either gender in the role of the boss, can be especially fun.

Start the scene by scolding your naughty employee for missing a deadline, and see how it evolves from there!

Looking For More Role Play Ideas?

Now that you have a few role play ideas, it’s time to think even bigger!

See something you’re eager to try out on this list? It’s time to bring it into reality. Is your partner uncomfortable with the idea, but you still want to try it out?

If so, spend some time on our website to learn how we can still help you to make it happen through our confidential, professional, and consensual London escort agency.

We can’t wait to give you a night you’ll never forget.


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