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He is a millionaire but is he right for me?

I have met some seriously rich men since I started to work for cheap Soho escorts, but my most recent hook-up Les falls into the category of 10% of the richest men in London. We have only been dating for about six weeks, but I already feel that he has managed to introduce me to some of the pleasures of dating a VERY rich man. The only problem is that the other girls at Soho escorts are a little bit jealous of me. But I can’t help it, I really do enjoy his company and he is a great man to spend time with on a date.

I Never Thought I would Meet a Millionaire at Soho Escorts

Honestly, I never thought that I would meet a guy who is as rich as Les is at work. Most of the time we do not date a lot of local men. The gents I normally date at the agency in Soho are visiting businessmen. They have heard all about our cheap companionship services and think that we are the ultimate catch. I suppose there is something special about dating us girls. After all, we are the only girls who know the London Red Light district in and out.

Fun with Rich Men in London

Knowing the Red Light district in London is something that I don’t have to worry about with Les. He knows all of the same bars and clubs as I do. The only difference is that when we are out together, he really does spoil me rotten. Most men don’t spend anywhere near as much money on their hot babes from cheap Soho escorts as Les does. He knows that I love to drink champagne and always buys me champagne when we are out on a date. 

But that is not only the kind of fun Les and I have with each other when we are out on a date. Les loves to dine in all of the best restaurants in London. He is the only men I have met at Soho escorts who really has introduced me to all of the finer things in life. I never knew that “posh food” could taste so good, and when you eat good quality food, you really do feel different about yourself.

My Little Treats at Soho Escorts

Les has treated me to a bunch of other stuff as well, and I can understand why the other girls at cheap Soho escorts are so jealous of me. He has bought some lovely clothes, one of those designer handbags which costs a small fortune, and even some nice jewelry which I seriously treasure when it all comes down to it. I guess the other girls at Soho escorts are not as spoiled as I am, and this is what is bugging them a the end of the day.

I know that I am one of the luckiest girls at Soho escorts. Not only am I getting the chance to spend time with a very rich man, but at the same time, I really do feel that I am part of his life. It is just like we clicked the moment we met, and I liked him right away.

Les loves to invite me to his lovely home in London. He has got this amazing house which just seems to go on and on. Believe it or not, this guy has even got a swimming pool. I have never met a person who has had a swimming pool in London. The girls at cheap Soho escorts would probably be even more envious of me if they knew I could go swimming any time I like it his pool. Let me tell you there is nothing as special as a midnight swim in his pool

As it is a completely private pool, I never have to worry about wearing a bikini or swimsuit. It is so kinky being able to swim around in the nude, and I love the way the water rushes around my body. And when I get out, there is always a glass of champagne waiting for me, lovely candles lit all around the pool and a nice big fluffy towel. When I saw his home for the first time, I had a hard time believing that people honestly live they way he does, but it is only a small percentage of people on London who can actually afford to live the way Les does. 

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