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How to get a great bust without a Brazilian Surgeon

Most cheap petite escorts in London do have rather small busts, and at least some of the girls at the escort agency which I work for in London would like to improve their busts. But, do you need to resort to plastic surgery to improve your bust, or is there another way around it? If you are worried about plastic surgery, or enhancement surgery as it is called these days, it would be a good idea to check out the alternatives.

Petite Escorts in London and Bust Size

I am not the only girl at petite escorts in London who thinks that she is challenged when it comes to bust size. My quest for a  larger bust started a couple of years ago. I knew that having a surgical enhancement would be a quick fix, and many cheap petite escorts have gone down that route. At the moment, London seems to be packed with Brazilian plastic surgeons who offer any kind of enhancement surgery for a lower fee than a surgeon trained in London. 

Brazilian surgeons can afford to offer a cheaper service for a variety of reasons. Most of them don’t work in top locations such as the Fulham road or Harley Street, and on top of that, they seem to be happy to work for less money than English surgeons. I am not saying it is a bad thing, and many petite escorts have had superb results. However, I do worry and so far I have been able to avoid any kind of plastic surgery.

Exercises Do Work

I love to exercise and go to the gym every day. When I am at the gym I do take the chance to work on my bust and every other day I spend about 20 minutes just doing exercises to improve my bust. It does work, and since I have been doing my “improve your bust exercises” my bust size has increased. Some of the other petite escorts I know in London complain that the exercises don’t work and opt for the less cheap  option of enhancement. They do work, but you really need to stick to them. I am rather dedicated to keeping fit for petite escorts in London, so I do stick to all of my exercises.

Do Petite Escorts Take Supplements?

Certain supplements do work, but you have to be kind of picky to make sure you pick the right supplement for you. I have tried various supplements to enhance my bust, and the one I think works the best, is fermented soy. When you combine fermented soy with sage, you really can improve your bust size by controlling your hormonal balance. Once again, it does not happen overnight, but after about three months, you will notice some kind of difference. 

Most of the girls at cheap petite escorts in London think that their busts became firmer since they started to take a fermented soy supplement together with the herb sage. The routine is not very expensive neither, and you can pick up the supplements in your local health food store.

Buying the Right Bra

Investing in the right bra for you works well. Most girls are probably not too keen to spend a small fortune on bras, but I like to invest in at least a couple of nice bras every six months or so. The bras that I wear when I am working for petite escorts in London all come from top lingerie shops in London. It would be fair to say that I do spend a lot of money on lingerie as I think that it is important to look good for work. Wearing nice lingerie makes you feel sexy as well, and I do love to feel sexy. 

Some girls at petite escorts in London are not into the sexy look at all. Instead, they like to look sweet and innocent and I suppose their dates like them to look that way. I guess that is one of the ways for some of the girls who work as cheap petite escorts in London to avoid the surgeon’s knife if you know what I mean. But, working out, taking the right supplements and wearing the right size bra will help as well. 

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