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3 reasons that make Paddington Escorts are Simply the Best

 Paddington close to edgware is a part of Central London which has a lot to offer. It is perhaps one of the busiest areas of London, and has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment and shopping.

It also has some great hotels, and there are many things to do when you visit Paddington. It seems to be a part of London that never sleeps, and whenever you visit, you will find something to do. It is a popular place to stay for many visitors to Central London and with its many clubs, you will always be able to find someone to spend some time with.

Many escorts make Paddington their home as well. It is interesting to note that many of the Paddington escorts come from very culturally diverse backgrounds. You will find that Paddington escorts are from Japan, Russia, Sweden but many of the girls are local as well. It can be fun to date a local girl as she will know the area well, and can perhaps even take you for a night out on town.

All the Paddington escorts offer a full range of services which include incalls and outcalls. Many of the activities Paddington escorts have on offer can be a little bit more exotic, and you are bound to find something to your taste.

Yesterday, our reporter Tittiana Nilsson met up with Paddington escorts so they could tell her first hand what makes them so special.

Amaterasu from Japan:

I have been living and dating in Paddington for 3 years now, and I love it here. The girls are really nice, and we are sexy just because we are different. Before I came here I dated and lived in Tokyo, and because I trained as a Geisha, I had a lot of dates with business men.

I learned a lot during my Geisha training, and when I was dating in Tokyo. It is great to be able to have a range of different sexy skills to play with, and I find that a lot of business men really appreciate them.

Geisha training prepares you for so much. You get trained how to dine out and in many of the techniques and pleasures that are special to men. I love giving special Japanese massages.

There are many different massages techniques in Japan, and when you train as a Geisha you get to learn all of them. Some of them are very special indeed, and a lot of them have surprising finishes which my dates seem to enjoy.

I also offer Japanese style bathing, and I have converted my bathroom into a Japanese bathroom with all of the original materials. When you step into my apartment for some sexy companionship, I will give you the original Japanese Geisha experience. We start with a sensual bath and then we move onto floor massages to help you to relax.

Birgitta from Sweden:

I haven’t been here as long as Amaterasu but I agree with her. Paddington escorts are all nice girls and really sexy. There is just such a cultural diversity, and there is always something new on offer here in Paddington. Escorts from all around the world seem to be keen to become Paddington escorts, it is almost like it is a right of passage.

Before I worked in Paddington I worked in Stockholm dating business men and providing massages services. I am a properly trained Swedish masseuse so I am familiar with many of the health conditions which can affect business men. Stress and tension can lead to physical problems, and I love helping out.

As part of my services I offer tension relieving treatments and stress relief. I do a complete range of Swedish massages which includes a hot and steamy massage.

I am fortunate enough to live in a small house here, and a Swedish friend of mine has helped to install a Swedish sauna. Actually, I think I am one of the few Paddington escorts to be able to offer a sauna, and it is a very popular choice with my business men dates.

In my sauna I offer a massage service, Birch twig back and front treatments and a full bathing servicing. Birch twigs are really good for the skin and the treatment consists of me gently beating a stressed person with my especially imported Swedish birch twigs. It doesn’t hurt but can be a very invigorating and stimulating treatment.

After the Birch twig therapy. I offer a Swedish massage with a surprise finish or a full body massage with essential oils. This is followed by a couple’s shower where I help my date to wash off and relax a bit more.

My dates now get a choice between sitting down and watching a Swedish porn movie with movie, or I will cook him a light meal to enjoy.
I love to work here in Paddington as an escort, and I feel the place has so much to offer. Okay, so some business men like to stay closer to the major London airports but Paddington is so much fun. Also, as the Paddington escorts are so diverse culturally, you will always find new and interesting ideas and concepts.

Since I lived here in Paddington I have borrowed new and sexy ideas from many of my colleagues, and sometimes we have even come up with new exciting treatments together. We do offer some services jointly, and Amaterasu and I work together a lot. We offer a swap of services, and often double date to make the time spent with us even more fun for visitors. We are working on some new innovative ideas, and as soon as we have them ready we will let you know. Perhaps you know someone who would like to come and play says Birgitta from Sweden.

It sounds like the Paddington escorts do offer a lot of unique services, and I can understand why so many business men choose this part of London for their stay. There is no need to travel the world to enjoy the companionship of sexy escorts, you can simply visit Paddington to meet some of the most wonderful girls in the world.

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