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Why are Luton escorts so sexy

Luton used to be a small little sleepy town just outside London, but it is now becoming a business hub thanks to its busy airport.

Many airlines run services out of Luton, and a community to service the airport has sprung up in and around Luton.

Luton also has some excellent motorway and railway connections to London, and you can be in the heart of London very quickly. For a lot of business men and business travelers this is essential. They may just have a few days to fly into London for a meeting.

However, a lot of business men make Luton their base. There are many services in Luton which focus on the business traveler and the hotels are a bit more intimate and friendlier than the bigger, more expensive hotels in Central London. Many business men mention that Luton escorts are very friendly, and seem to be more relaxed.

There are not a lot of clubs in Luton but there are certainly some good quality restaurants, and the service tends to be less rushed than in London. You can easily linger over a drink with a sexy companion or a couple of Luton escorts in one of the local pubs, and perhaps even enjoy some traditional English pub food during your stay.

You will find that many of the locals pubs still serve up classical English “pub grub” such as Steak and Kidney pie, Homemade sausage and mash and traditional English roast dinners as well. Some of the pubs in Luton are free houses which means they are not tied to any specific brewery, and sell beers from smaller breweries. England is after all still renowned for its pub culture, and it does no harm in sampling some of the local food and drink whilst visiting.

Sexy Luton Escorts

Luton escorts are becoming more and more popular. All of the girls have a really sexy air about them but sometimes it is difficult to put your finger on what makes them so sexy. We thought it would be interesting to find out why so many business men like Luton escorts so we sent out our roving reporter Tittiana Nilsson to find out. Tittiana met up with a couple of business travelers over drinks in a Luton pub to find out what makes Luton escorts so sexy.

Carlos from Madrid:

I always used to stay in Central London when I visited the UK but now I much prefer Luton. The hotels are cheaper and it seems more traditional English somehow. It is so enjoyable to be able to go out and have a traditional English meal with a beautiful companion, something very special about it.

To be honest, I have a couple of favorite Luton escorts I like to meet up with and they are gorgeous girls. I find they can be sexy without making an effort. They are just very natural and easy to get on with.

As I am Spanish, I have quite a playful personality and I just love having some fun when I am away from home. One of my favorite Luton escorts is called Eva, and when I am away from her I just can’t stop thinking about her. She has the most gorgeous body, and she dresses in cat suits which really turns me on. I could just spend all day in bed with her but that is not happening.

When I am in Luton she is paid to be my escort, and she really looks after me. On my first day here, I go around to her apartment for a nice relaxing massage, and we might even watch a porn movie during the massage. With her gorgeous great big bosom, she is great catch and very special to me.

Giorgio from Italy:

I don’t think that I am an Italian stallion at all, but I really lust for my Luton escorts when I am from the UK. Carlos is right, they are fun to be with and they are just such creative girls. When I am together with them I do things that I would never have dreamed of doing in my life.
The experience that you can have when you are together with Luton escorts is just so good that it is almost difficult to describe.

My favorite Luton escort is a girl called Sarah, and she has a perfect dimple on each of her butt cheeks. I hate being away from her and some nights I dream that I can put her in a love swing so we could swing away. She is one of these ladies with an electric touch, and she makes me tingle all over. As a matter of fact, I find it very difficult to control my urges when I am together with her.

When I am in Luton she gets paid to look after me, and she takes care of all arrangements such as hotels and restaurant bookings. It is great not having to worry about anything and just be completely taken care of on all levels.

I have dated escorts from all over the world but no one as special as Sarah. She knows I love yoga so when we are together we do some tantric yoga exercises. I have some favorite positions that I like to get into, and she can really help me to achieve a better pose with some of her twists and turns.

We are both also crazy about bubble baths, and we often have a bath together just to relax. She gives me a wash, and I give her a really nice back scrub with a mini massage. It is a great way to spend an evening with someone, and helps to relax and relieve some tension after a long hard day.

There are many things I would love to do with Sarah but like all Luton escorts, she is a nice girl and takes a very charming attitude towards me.

It sounds like there are many reason why business men like to stop over in Luton instead of London, and Luton escorts can make their visit so much more special.


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