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We at  London escorts word sex is a very broad topic with several meanings or definitions . Sex could be defined as the distinction between male and female members of a species, and it is always through their reproductive functions. It may also refer to intercourse or coitus, an act that can impact in reproduction. But this article will be purely based on the sexual intercourse that may result in reproduction. Before sexual intercourse occurs, the parties involved must be sexually aroused for it to be enjoyable. Escorts in London found that according to researchers, the body goes through several transformations during sex. If you are able to understand these changes, then it will be possible for you to understand your sexuality and that of your spouse.

There are different parts of woman’s body that get men aroused faster and easily, and at the end of this article, We at Picapong London escorts will be able to understand why these parts are arousing to men and which parts are those. Researchers are of the opinion that, men feel spontaneous desire for sex, which leads to quick arousal. And this is not the same case for their female counter parts. Women only get the desire for sex only after they have been aroused. Some of the body parts that are arousing to men are majorly the breast and the vagina of a woman.

So why do men get aroused when they see a woman’s breast

According to scientists that our escorts in London researched, men are having what is called libido. Males have a sexual drive which is brought about by the natural presence of male hormone or testosterone in their bodies. Too much presence of this testosterone hormone turns men on easily or become easily stimulated just by the virtue of seeing. And this is not the same with women who become horny through a more complex ways. Therefore it would be right to suggest that guys are naturally enthused and become ready for sex with any visual queue that a woman was ready for fertilization. All girls like our London escorts have got an adaptation that enables her to develop fatty tissues in their breasts so that they appear as if a woman was lactating all the time, which is a sign of fertility. Therefore, men are not only being aroused by virtue of seeing the nipples, but also when they see the shape of a woman’s breast with the nipples that instigate or catalyzed their instinct to become aroused. Therefore, it is right to say that, it is only females like our escorts in London who are capable of mimicking capacity for fertility visually.

According to researchers,London escorts have seen that breast plays a big role during sex. This is because both men and women are getting aroused by it. While men are only being aroused just by the virtue of seeing the shape of woman’s breast, women are more aroused by the breast and nipple than their male counter parts. This was proven by the research that was carried out in May 2006 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. A guy is capable of turning a woman if he touches her breast and nipples. When the breast is caressed by a boy, the breasts starts to enlarge especially those women who have not breast fed, and nipples may become erected. The clitoris becomes erect, making it enlarge slightly and become sensitive. Hence why some London escorts as well as many women love fondling her breasts

Males are also being aroused easily if he sees the bottom part of a woman’s body. These bottom parts could include the thighs, butts and the area of the vagina. London escorts have researched that scientists are of the opinion that, if a man sees a naked woman, they will be easily stimulated sexually. This is because of their hormonal impulses which make them to desire for sex more than women. This is the gospel truth for all of the males in the family of mammals. This could justify why most prostitutes are always naked for them to attract their clients who enjoy seeing good things.

Scientists have proven that, men become sexually excited by the women in the nude form because of the impulses sent by the hypothalamus, through the blood stream to the pelvic part. This is the process that triggers prostate’s desire to intrude into the vagina. This is because without a warning from the hypothalamus, men cannot be turned even if the woman is naked. This might explain why men become mentally arouse when they browse through our London escorts gallery on the best escorts in London service

Fellas are not only being aroused by only seeing the nudity of women, but also by the body contact especially if the see our female London escorts or any real life porn girl naked. It is a general knowledge that, men like to see good or attractive things especially when it comes to women. Our fantastic escorts in the heart of London city also found that males can be aroused just by the virtue of seeing a woman with big butts, especially when the females are in their tight jeans or hot pants that outline their butts nicely. This is because men are programmed by the instincts.

Vagina is not only important in stimulating only guys but also all women like our London escorts. The vagina is very important part of the body when it comes to sex. It is absolutely loaded with parts that a man can hit and make a woman horny and eventually make her reach orgasm, Our London escorts love that word so much we say it twice Orgasm. The most common parts of the vagina which when a man hit makes run her mad for sex is the clitoris and the G spot. Most men have got problems in finding the clitoris and the G spot. Every arousal point results into different kinds of orgasm, with the G spot being the most sensational one. Hitting the G spots our escorts in London know drive girls crazy.

When a man is penetrating the vagina, the G spot is just located at the roof or the top of the vagina and it is not far from the entrance. Most women prefer the fingers of men to move up and down touching the area. Just with a little G spot touching, is enough to make her run wild for sex. But Picapong London escorts warn this is not common with every lady, so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t become aroused when you touch the G spot.

Clitoris on the other hand, is just next to the urethra. Our amazing London escorts have seen that when the clitoris is stimulated, it becomes more sensitive and pulls back further below the clitoral hood. This is in turn makes the inner lips thicken more which allows the entrance to the vagina more visible. These two parts can be stimulated by toys, fingers, your penis, or orally. Both Males and Females can become aroused just by talking about sex.

For information about the reasons why a woman’s body is arousing to men, you go to internet and learn more about the possible parts of a woman that can arouse guys. Or alternative you can search through the articles on our London escorts site.


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