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My Dream Lifestyle

To many people it may seem funny that a girl who works for an escort agency in north east London will say that she lives the perfect life. Anyway, I guess that if I told most of my friends that I work for Hackney Marshes escorts, they would not believe me. The fact that I work for an escort agency is something that I keep to myself. I am not sure that most of my friends who do not work for Hackney Marshes escorts would approve of my career choice.

So, what are the benefits of working for a cheap escort agency in London? Hackney Marshes escorts is not the first escort agency in London that I worked for, but it is the best. Unlike many of the other escort agencies that I have worked for, it is not a bitchy agency. All of the girls at the escort agency get on really well and that is one of the things that I really like.

A Day at cheap Hackney Marshes Escorts

Not all girls like to work for a cheap escort agency for more than a few years. It is a bit like it is an in-between job as I like to call it. Sure, the girls probably have some fun, and make some money. However, if you truly want to make something out of yourself, you should see working as an escort as a career opportunity. That is what I did and I still enjoy it. I know that my day and night with cheap Hackney Marshes escorts is going to be very exciting. 

Most of the time I start in the early evening and work up until midnight. It is not a very ling night, but it can still make you tired. You are working with people all of the time, and I know that can get exhausting. Fortunately, most of the gents I date at Marshes escorts are very nice and we have a good time together.

Other Reasons I Like to Work for Hackney Marshes Escorts

There are other reasons I like to work for Marshes escorts. The gentlemen who use the escort agency like to look after their girls. Most of the time I get some fantastic tips and gifts. Of course, it all depends on how well you look after your dates. I look after my gentlemen really well and I make sure that they have a good time. They seem to appreciate my services, and I like to make the most of what they give me.

Not all of the girls at cheap Hackney Marshes escorts have been as lucky as me. I mainly live off the tips that I get at the escort agency in Hackney Marshes. The rest of the money goes into the bank and stays there. Some of the men I date also like to take my out for little treats. They take me shopping and even on holiday. I date one gent who has his own yacht moored in the South of France. 

Looking at my lifestyle, I realise that I have done a lot better than the other girls I grew up with in north east London. I am not sure what many of them do now. But, I am pretty sure that they don’t have their own flat and a wardrobe full of nice clothes and bags. What am I going to do when I leave Hackney Marshes escorts? I am not sure yet. There are a couple of men that I really fancy. A few of the girls I work with have ended up marrying the rich men they have dated as escorts. You never know, I may just be lucky enough to meet my dream man at Hackney Marshes escorts. In that case, I hope that I will not have to work. But, I am open-minded. I may even take some time off to do some training in case my star at Hackney Marshes escorts start to vain as I get older.  When you work as an escort, it is a good idea to be prepared for anything and I like to make sure that I am in control. 

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