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Dishing The Dirt on My Dates

Should escorts dish the dirt on their clients? Ever since I have been working in the London escorts industry, dishing the dirt on your clients have not really been the thing to do. However, many of the girls who have joined us at cheap Finsbury Park escorts spend a lot of time talking about their clients. When we go out together, they seem to be more than happy to dish the dirt on their clients. Is that something that you should do?

As far as I am concerned, you should not really discuss your clients with other cheap escorts. But, many of the new girls who have joined Finsbury Park escorts recently, do not really have a lot of experience of escorting. They seem to think that they can say almost what they want about their clients. I really don’t think it is okay at all.

What Goes On at Finsbury Park Escorts…

I have always worked by the rule that what goes on at cheap Finsbury Park escorts stays within the four walls of the escort agency in Finsbury. Many men who date Finsbury Park escorts would probably stop arranging dates with the girls at the escort agency if they knew that they were being gossiped about. I think that most of them would worry that eventually, things would get back to their personal lives.

Could someone lose his job if his employer found out that he was dating Finsbury Park escorts? The fact that you enjoy dating cheap Finsbury Park escorts does not really have anything to do with an employer. But, that being said, I still think that there are a lot of employers and companies who would not look too kindly at their staff dating escorts. In most people’s opinion, it has something to do with personal integrity.

Blackmailed by Finsbury Park Escorts

The vast majority of employers would probably worry about their staff being blackmailed about their cheap Finsbury Park escorts dating habits. That is probably more of a concern if you work in an executive position than you work in a run of the mill job. After all, many men who work in executive positions are the kind of men who would enjoy the company of Finsbury Park escorts.

When you stop and think about it, they may also have access to critical or sensitive information about their organisation or company. If a rival found out that a certain executive dated Finsbury Park escorts, it could cause a potential issue.

I would never dream of telling anybody that I have dated a certain someone. Since I have been with cheap Finsbury Park escorts, I have dated many celebs and a lot of high flying businessmen as well. I know that one of the reasons they really enjoy my company is because they can rely on me being discreet. 

What would I do if I found out that some of my colleagues at the escort agency in Finsbury Park gossiped about their dates? Well, I think that it could potentially affect the entire escort agency and I think that I would even have to consider leaving. That would perhaps seem a bit over the top, but I really don’t think that you can be too cautious when it comes to dating.

Gossiping or trying to share information about their clients, I really don’t think it is something that escorts should try to do. I know that it is tempting for many girls to keep certain personal details of their clients. 

Like other Finsbury Park escorts, I have a little black diary that I write things in. It is my own personal dating record if you like. But at no time would I be happy to share what I have put in that diary. Sure, it can be a little bit explosive, and some things could even make newspaper headlines, but I would still not dream of sharing what I have found out about my Finsbury Park special clients as I like to call them. It would not be the done thing and I truly believe that I would easily found myself out of a job if I kiss and tell my clients’ secrets.

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