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About me:

Female, 28 years old from Italian, Italy.

Set your sights on the super sexy Mia from just £99 p/h

Ciao she whispered in a rather husky voice as she walked into my life. This beautiful Italian young lady with her model figure from Escorts in London was one of the most beautiful and sexiest sights that I had ever seen. I have dated other escorts in London, but I knew that I was in for a dream experience when I met Mia. She smelt so good, and as she slowly slipped her coat off, I caught sight of all the delights waiting for me. There was much to explore, and I felt relieved that I had arranged our date for the entire evening.

Let me tell you that Mia has that perfect figure of a woman that we all dream about. I have met many women who look like they would not last the night, but Mia is not one of them. The proof is in the pudding after all. As soon as I saw her, I knew that Mia could keep going for hours on end. When you think that you have had enough, and cannot handle it anymore, she will bring out new pleasures from her treasure chest.

The curves on this young lady are fantastic. Even sitting here now, I find that they have been imprinted in my mind, and my hands want to wander over them and discover every part which is Mia. Getting lost in her secret caverns, dipping into those valleys of moist warm sensations, are just some of the thoughts coming into my mind as I sit here. As I cast one thought away, another memory comes back. Just like a pot of honey, she is sweet, warming and good for your entire being.

Her large breasts heaved as she sat down on my sofa, and I could not take my eyes of them. It was like a humming bird being drawn to the nectar of a plant. The joy of tasting and sucking that sweet nectar must sometimes be too much for that bird, and I felt exactly the same way. Would I be able to control myself? To be honest, I was not sure at all. But, with some effort, I was able to control myself, before finally experiencing the pleasure of release. Not that I am a greedy man, but I would certainly rejoice in that special feeling again.

Mia is many things. She can be a sweet sexy delight, naughty school girl and loves to get all excited. Having brought a lot of that Italian spirit with her to London, she is not the kind of girl who likes to take things quietly. A little bit of noise is what Mia likes. When I have some spare time, I will ask for her company again. I can't wait to her that “dulce” voice of hers and listen for the sound as she peaks with pleasure. Would you like an experience which is out of this world, perhaps you should ask for Mia's company. That is if she is not too busy looking after my needs.



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Country:Italy CityItalian Phone:07710-395-092
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