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Female, 28 years old from Venezula, Venezuela.

Indulge in fantasy stories with Daria tonight from just £99 p/h

I would not exactly call Daria from Escorts in London sweet and innocent, but that is what she likes to call herself. At the tender age of 20 years young, this talented young lady may not have experienced it all yet, but she certainly knows what she is doing, She is one of my favorite girls at the agency, and as soon as I arrive in London, I am on the phone arranging a date with this delicious blonde beauty.

To me, Daria is the perfect. The first time I met her, I could not stop feasting my eyes on her. Those delicious long legs wrapped up from the blistering called wind in London in a pair of black stockings. Gently she presented herself over the doorstep of my place, and as I heard the tap tap sound of those stilettos, I knew that I was in for a treat. She looked me straight in the eye, and with her eyes still fixed on me, I could feel myself rise to the occasion.

Her body was something that I could only have dreamed about or conjectured up in my wildest fantasies. Daria's white soft skin glistened in the semi darkness, and watching her coming towards me, was a bit like letting a moon ray shine its way into my life. She crouched down like a cat waiting to pounce, and sprung on me before I was ready. It was a surprise, but I will never forget the sight of those slightly separated lips and legs glistening with moisture.

Daria delighted me in so many different ways throughout the first night we spent together. I remember thinking that I would like to cup those lily white breasts in my hands, and feel the gentle rise of her nipples in between my lips. But, I have the feeling that this delightful beauty will only let you into her world one step at a time. I tried to hold myself back but was glad that I had the foresight to arrange the date for longer than one hour. The pleasure of that first evening never seemed to end, and I tasted it on the tip of my tongue long after she had gone home. It was like honey blended with the sweetest nectar you can think of.

Since that first time, Daria and I have met time and time again. She is the perfect date for that dinner party or cocktail lounge party. Perfectly turned out and will never embarrass you at all in front of your friends. But you may find that her wandering hands may start to crawl up your leg as you sit at the dining table. Holding it together for a couple of hours more is not always easy, but I normally manage. The delight of coming back to my place, and letting her quietly close the door, is all the reward that I need for my patience. It is that look in her eyes... I just know what is going to happen. Daria every mans fantasy girl call tonight for a booking and see what story you will experience.



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Country:Venezuela CityVenezula
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