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About me:

Female, 26 years old from Czech, Czech Republic.

Have playful fun with Cindy from just £99 p/h

Would you like my body to be your paradise here on earth? If you would like to experience that, I would ask you to all Escorts in London. Not only can I delight you in ways you may have dreamed about, but I can also delight you in ways that you may never have thought about. I am one of the most adventurous girls here at the agency, and if you would like me to come out to play, just give me a call.

I do like my body, and it has taken me a long time to tone it to perfect. The work still goes on today, and I love the way it makes me feel. Sweating is one the pleasures in life, and when I sweat, I watch the sweat run off my body. Sometimes, I sweat in places that I did not think that you could sweat in, but it may not be sweat at all. Whatever it is, it is a warm moisture which is kind of sticky and has the consistency of honey. A bit like sticking your fingers into a nice warm pie.

If you would like to have some adult fun delivered to your place tonight, perhaps I could be your girl. With my long brown hair, I will turn up on your doorstep. As you I walk up to your door, you will hear a slight tapping sound from my stilettos. If you like, I can take my shoes off so I don't make so much noise, and sneak around in my stockings if you like instead. How does that sound to you? I promise to make my arrival as discreet as I can.

Once I have arrived, you will know all about it. I will slip into your home bringing all of my assets with me. That includes my pert bottom which can do with a warm firm hand at times. But that being said, that is not the only asset I will bring with. I have another two major assets that you may delight in as well. Take a look and you may find that they are ready to come out to play. As a matter of fact, they really do appreciate some personal attention, and I hope that you can give that to me. I am sure that you can, and I am looking forward to making the pleasure of your acquaintance if you know what I mean.

Tell me, when was the last time you went on a journey? When we are together, we will go on a journey together. I will allow you to explore my gentle feminine capabilities, and find all of the secret treasures that I have for you. Once, you have found the right cavern, you may just want to slip in and forget about the world for a while. Lots of gents feel like that, and to be honest, I don't have a problem with that at all. Maybe you and I will see LOTS of each other on a more regular basis...



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Country:Czech Republic CityCzech
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