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How to Look Amazing Every Day

Don’t for one moment think that all girls working for the escort agency in Elm Park London wake up looking amazing. When I wake up in the morning, I look a mess like most other girls. I never rush out of bed. Instead, I take it slow. After all, I work long hours at cheap Elm Park escorts in north east London, so why should I not chill out a bit first thing in the morning.

My early morning beauty routine depends on what I am going to be doing during the day. If it is my day off from cheap Elm Park escorts, I may not go to the gym and stuff like that. Instead, I focus on relaxing. I might even go shopping with my Sugar Daddy and let him treat me to a day out in London.

Elm Park Escorts On Beauty

When it is my day off from Elm Park escorts, I get up and turn on the shower. I let it run until it is warm and then I step in with one of my favorite foaming lotions. The first thing I do is to shave everything that needs shaving. After that, I wash my long blond hair with a very expensive shampoo. When my hair is clean, I put on another lotion which will help to keep my skin nice and soft.

Once I have showered, I drive myself off in my warm fluffy towels. I love it when my hair looks great so I always blow dry it on a very low setting. It takes a little bit longer, but it does look good and preserves the scent from my expensive shampoo at the same time.

Slipping Something Else

After having finally finished in the bathroom. I go and have some breakfast. I like to have a glass of champagne of my day off from cheap Elm Park escorts. After that I have some toast with caviar and light yogurt, Once I have had breakfast, I  give my Sugar Daddy a call to see if he would like to meet up. Most of the time he is only to happy to meet up with me for a day out.

While I wait for my Sugar Daddy to come and pick me up, I put my face on. As I like to look after my skin, I make sure that I only use natural cosmetics. It makes my skin look great and I don’t get any spots. I find that most men don’t like too much makeup. Instead of putting on too much makeup, I put on mascara and lipstick and perhaps a light powder.

On Duty With cheap Elm Park Escorts

When I am on duty with Elm Park escorts, my routine is different. In the morning I go to the gym, and after that, I go home to start my beauty routine. I like to look good and smell good for all of my clients at Elm Park escorts. Sometimes I will use a lotion that a gent has bought for me. Otherwise, I stick to my own stuff to make sure that I look after my skin and body the best that I can.

More than likely I will be drinking champagne during the evening so I don’t drink any at home. I will have a good breakfast to make sure that my tummy does not rumble. After that, I put on my outfit for Elm Park escorts. Of course, it all depends on who I am dating, but I do like to make sure that I look good all of the time.

When I finish for the night at cheap Elm Park escorts, I always come home and enjoy a shower. Then I curl up in bed with a book and fall asleep. You really don’t get a lot of time to yourself when you work for a top escort agency. This is why I value my days off from Elm Park escorts so much and always make sure that I look after myself a little bit extra. Maybe this is something that most of the girls who work as escorts in London do when they have a day off. 

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