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Why I Became a Dominatrix

Finding a good job in London which also pays well can be tough. I had spent a couple of years working abroad when I decided that I would come back to London. My stay in the States had been really enjoyable. I had even done some acting and tried my hand at being a lady wrestler in Los Angeles. When I finally returned to London, I found myself with a good job. Sure, I could spend all of my time working in a supermarket, but that was not what I really wanted to do.

It did not take me long to figure out that working in the supermarket would just about pay the bills. That was when I started to check out what else I could do without giving up my supermarket job. During my time in the States, I had become used to doing two jobs. Working hard was nothing that worried, so when I came across cheap Crossness escorts, I jumped at the chance.

Domination at cheap Crossness Escorts

During my time in Los Angeles, I had earned well working as a female wrestler. Where I worked, you could pay for a playdate with a female wrestler. It was a bit like domination. When I noticed that Crossness escorts did not have a dominatrix, I knew I had to contact them. The boss and owner of the escort agency in Crossness was really impressed with my experience and invited me to join. He seemed to like the idea of my act, and it was not long before I was working for the escort agency.

Instead of changing everything when I joined cheap Crossness escorts, I decided that I would try to keep my wrestling persona. It soon became obvious that this was something new to both Crossness escorts and south east London. Before I knew it, I had a string of gentlemen who liked to come and see their little wrestler on a regular basis. I was certainly the boss and I enjoyed putting my dates through their paces.

Playing Like Crossness Escorts at Home

It is not a good idea to jump right in and start to play as I do at Crossness escorts. You really need to have some previous experience or at least start off slowly. Since I have been with Crossness escorts, I have put together a little handbook full with tips for couples who like to play at home.

When you first start, you need to make sure that you are safe. Come up with some kind of brake word which tells your partner you have had enough. This is very important when you are the slave. After all, you don’t want your master to punish you too hard. 

If it is your first time, you should start off slowly. You may have been a very bad boy during the week, but that does not mean you should let your mistress beat you. Start with ticklers and perhaps a slap or two on the bottom. Once you become more advanced, you can do what I do at cheap Crossness escorts. Bring on new things one step at the time. It is no good punishing your slave if he or she does not like it. You want to make sure your slave keeps coming back to you. This is exactly why you should try to take it easy when you first start out.

When you are still not sure that you are getting right, you can always give me a call at cheap Crossness escorts. I would be more than happy to show you the best tricks of the trade and how you can make play more fun. There are numerous exciting tools you can use. Above all it is important to make sure that your slave enjoys himself or herself. If you can do, you will be playing together for a long time. I can promise you that. 

Just in case you are still not sure, I think it would be a good idea for you to come to visit me at Crossness escorts. I would be more than happy to give you a personal lesson.

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