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Should I Set Dating Standards?

When I had been working for Brent Park in Essex for a while, I realised the men who enjoy the company of Brent Park escorts had a slightly different approach to dating. I would have thought that the standards would be very much like central London standards. After all, Brent Park is not a million miles away from central London. Many of the local residents of Brent Park work in London during the day, so you would have thought they would be on top of their game.

However, to my surprise, many of the men I have met since joining cheap Brent Park escorts have what I can only call a bit of an odd attitude towards dating escorts. I am not sure why that is and I keep wondering if it has something to do with the fact they date less. Gents living in or visiting central London often seem to have more experience of dating escorts.

Brent Park Escorts Dating Standards

Anyway, after I had been working for cheap Brent Park escorts for a while, I sat about setting my own dating standards. The gents you date in this part of London are often a little younger. I guess most of them lack the kind of experience that is required. I mean I don’t exactly tell them off, but I must admit that I let them know if I am not happy about something. On occasion, I think that they are a bit taken back when they are told off by a curvy sexy blonde. Perhaps that is not what they expect to get out of a date with Brent Park escorts.

What sort of thing do I need to tell my cheap Brent Park escorts clients off about? There are various things that springs to mind. However, most importantly I do have to tell them off for being late. Most Brent Park escorts are busy. It is therefore essential that all dates run on time. If everybody started to turn up ten minutes later, the entire night’s dating schedule would soon go to pot. That is not easy to deal with when you work as an escort.

Problems in Brent Park

I have also had a few problems with young gents turning up after having had a drink. If you truly want to get the most out of your date with cheap Brent Park escorts, turning up drunk is not the smart thing to do. I can understand that you may want to have a drink when we are out on a dinner date, but I really don’t understand why young guys need to have a drink around 5 pm. If they have been to the pub on Friday it is okay, but in general, I don’t think you should have a drink before dating Brent Park escorts. 

The other thing is turning up in the clothes you wore to work. To make dating cheap Brent Park escorts more enjoyable, please do go home and have a shower first. If you are planning an outcall escorts date, I think that you should have a shower before the girl turns up at your house, hotel room or apartment. I know that you are probably really looking forward to the date, but at the end of the day, I promise you that dating a clean man is much more of a turn on. 

Learning how to act around escorts is important. I know that it is not only us girls at cheap Brent Park escorts who insist on certain dating standards. All other escorts in London that I have met during my career also insist on certain dating standards. What you will find is that all escorts have slightly different dating standards. I think that the dating standards that cheap Brent Park escorts have are pretty general. They are sort of more or less basic things that all escorts would consider important.

So, the next time you contact an escort agency in Brent Park, Essex or somewhere else in London, make sure you are on time and smartly turned out. It will make a lot of difference to the entire experience and you are bound to enjoy it more. 

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