Bowes Park escorts

Bowes Park escorts

Are We Becoming Too Artificial? 

The other day, I realised how many of the girls at cheap Bowes Park escorts had their hair colored in different colors. Pink hair is not the most common sight in Enfield in North London. And to be fair, I am not sure what most people in nearby Haringey would make of it pink hair either. It has made me wonder if we are becoming more artificial than is good for us. After all, you can’t really say that pink hair is natural. 

I know that most cheap Bowes Park escorts like to party a little bit, and this is why you end up with so many girls with different colored hair. But I have started to wonder if it is putting some locals off from dating Bowes Park escorts. I know that all of the girls say that they were a lot busier when they worked in central London. It is not a big deal, but I do think that cheap Bowes Park escorts should take stock and think about what they look like. I have not colored my hair some extreme color and I have noticed that I am one of the most popular girls at our escort agency.

Bowes Park escorts On The Natural Look

I would personally say that most men really do prefer the natural look. That being said, there are some girls who simply like to dress up and have fun. The only problem is that the local guys don’t seem to be prepared for that at all. As it stands, many girls who work for cheap Bowes Park escorts are not as busy as they should be. Yes, I know that men who date escorts in London don’t think twice about taking out a girl with brightly colored hair, fake eyelashes and enhanced boobs. But the men who live in Bowes Park are really more aware of what a girl looks like.

Am I trying to run cheap Bowes Park escorts down? No, I am not trying to run down my friends at all. But I do think that it is important that you adapt your dating style. Working for an escort agency in another part of London is one thing. But, if you want to become popular in Bowes Park, I think that you need to be prepared to change your style. You don’t have to go to extremes, but I would personally start with changing my hair color to a more natural one. What is wrong with being a blonde or a brunette.

Sexy Talons

Sure, it is fun to have long sexy talons. Once again, it is something that most men in the Bowes Park area would look at when they decide if they would like to take you out on a date or night. Before you go to the manicurist the next time, you should perhaps think about what kind of look you would like to achieve. I have realised that the men who like to date cheap Bowes Park escorts really do appreciate a touch of sophistication. Instead of going for long talons with fantasy patterns or long red nails, maybe you should check out a French manicure instead.

There are some things that can make cheap Bowes Park escorts look more natural and sophisticated at the same time. The first thing you need to pay attention to is a decent haircut. A good haircut will make you look a million dollar. On top of that, it will help to raise your confidence level through the roof. I love it when I have had a really good cut and can just jump out of the shower, check my head and get on with my day. 

The other thing that I do is to pay attention to my hands. I make sure that I used a good quality hand cream and have a nice manicure. No, I never go for an extreme look with nail jewellery and stuff like that. A simple manicure can help you to attract the right clientele. 

Yes, I do dress for cheap Bowes Park escorts as well. Before I joined the escort agency in Bowes Park, I used to dress totally differently. But I soon realised the local gents were looking for something different so I changed my style. That is how I became the most popular girl at Bowes Park escorts. 

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