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Blackfriars escorts gossip about the craziest outfits they have worn for their partners in the bedroom

Blackfriars Escorts On Dressing for Better Sex

Do you enjoy sex better if you dress up? I don’t know about you, but I think that you can have a lot of fun in the bedroom when you dress up. My dressing up fetish started long before I joined cheap Blackfriars escorts. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have always enjoyed dressing up. When I was a young girl I dreamed of being an actress but my parents could not afford to send me to a performance arts school. Instead, I ended up working in a strip club in Soho, and it was during my time there I really got into dressing up.

I used to love dancing in different outfits, and the punters who came into the club seemed to appreciate my many different ways of tickling their fancy. One evening, the guy who owns cheap Blackfriars escorts spotted my performance and asked me if I wanted to join his escort agency in Blackfriars in London. As I did not live a million miles away from Blackfriars, I decided that I would give joining the escort agency a go on a part-time basis.

Can I Be Your Bunny Tonight?

I have many outfits which I like to use for play at cheap Blackfriars escorts. Is there one there is more popular than others? If you were to force my hand and ask me to create a list of my top ten sexy outfits, I would have to start with the neighbour’s wife dress. I am not sure why so many men have a thing about the dress which his neighbour’s wife wears, but I guess it is some sort of typical British fetish. None of my American dates have ever said anything about having a fetish about the neighbour’s wife.

It is funny, but men from different cultural backgrounds do have their own unique fetishes. Almost all American men I have met at cheap Blackfriars escorts have a thing about the typical Bunny Girl. I have lost count of how many different Bunny Girl outfits that I have in my wardrobe. When I went out to the States on a holiday with the rest of the girls from Blackfriars escorts, I even invested in a classical Playboy Bunny Outfit. You can find them in second-hand shops in Las Vegas or in Pawn Brokers stores.

More Fun with Blackfriars Escorts

The Bunny outfit is very popular, but I must admit that the Cat Girl outfit is rather hot as well. When a gentleman asks to date Cat Woman, I simply slip on my tight fitting Cat Suit. The only problem with Cat Woman is that she is a bit of a bossy boots. She loves nothing better than to boss around her naughty male kittens at Blackfriars escorts. But, if you are brave enough to meet with her, I will ask her not to scratch you to baldy. After all, we don’t want you to end up in trouble just because you like to spend some time with Cat Woman.

Then we have the Exotic Brunette. I love wearing wigs, and I have a couple of different ones. My Exotic Brunette has a dark wig which she loves to match with a long skirt but she always leaves her midriff bare for all to see. That is right. This is one hot brunette at Blackfriars escorts and she loves nothing better than to show off her belly dancing skills. If you are feeling a bit stressed out, this young lady is more than happy to help you out with an exotic massage.

I have lots more characters standing by at cheap Blackfriars escorts. Let me know who you would like to play with tonight, and I will take a look to see if I have the right outfit in my wardrobe. I am sure that I can accommodate you. By the way, if you have your own dress-up outfit that you like to chill out in, why don’t you bring it along. You know what they say, couples that play together stay together. Once you have met me or one of the other sexy girls at Blackfriars escorts, I am sure that you will want to come back to play with us again. 

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