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Bethnal Green Escorts

Good Escorts Vs. Bad Escorts

If  you are new to dating ladies in London, you may want to know what the difference is between good and bad escorts. Working for cheap Bethnal Green companion company has given me a rather unique insight into the companion service. It did not take me very long to figure out that some organisations are better than others. This is where it all starts.

The agencies, such as the ones in Bethnal Green, who treat their ladies well, are more likely to end up with sexy excitable dates. Other lower-end companies which do not treat their escorts that well, are likely to employ what I can only refer to as “bad escorts”.

What is A Bad Escort According to cheap Bethnal Green Escorts?

Of course, you are going to be wondering what it means to be a bad escort? Well, after having met my fair share of bad escorts at other escort agencies in London, I have a pretty good idea what a bad escort is all about. Many of the girls who you can call bad escorts are girls who will even rip off a date. Some gents do get somewhat “knackered” on their dates and may fall asleep. It does not happen at cheap Bethnal Green escorts, but I do know that some London escorts have been known to help themselves to tips. That means going down in the wallet of the gent and helping themselves to a tip. 

If you want to make a career out of escorting like so many of the girls at cheap Bethnal Green escorts like to do, helping yourself to a tip is not such a smart idea. I hate to say, these girls are really super naughty and should not work for an escort agency.

Other Things That I Don’t Agree with Escorts Doing

I don’t like it when escorts openly ask for a tip. Some girls will stand there by the door and more or less ask for a top. I have never had to do that at cheap Bethnal Green escorts and I don’t think that I ever will be comfortable doing so. However, some bad escort agencies expect their girls to do just that. The agency then takes a cut of the tip and only passes a small amount to the girl.

I would rather receive a genuine tip from a date. Most of the time, when a gentleman has enjoyed a date with you, he will give you a tip. Once you get to know a gentleman really well, you can end up with some fantastic tips when you play your cards right. I have had some fantastic tips in the past, and I still get some great tips from my regulars at cheap Bethnal Green escorts.

Do Bethnal Green Escorts Kiss and Tell?

None of the girls that I work closely with at Bethnal Green escorts would dream of trying to make life difficult for a gent. Still, a lot of men do worry about us finding out personal information about them. They may even be reluctant to use their own names when they meet up with us girls from the escort agency in Bethnal Green.

This can make things awkward at times when a gent forgets what he has told the girls on the reception. I don’t care what your name is and I would never dream of trying to get personal information out of you. When you are with me, I would like you to have a good time and that is it.

Yes, there are some rotten apples out there as far as escorting in London is concerned, but you are not going to find them at cheap Bethnal Green escorts. So, if you would like to enjoy a hassle-free date, why don’t you give me a call. I am sure that you will enjoy having some fun with me, and I promise to be a good girl on our date. Well, that is if you would like me to be a good girl if you know what I mean.

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