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Basildon escorts

I Became A Domestic Goddess to Catch My Man

Alan was not like any of the other men I would normally date at cheap Basildon escorts. He was a proper gent, and I only hooked up with him for business dates. Men date cheap Basildon escorts for all sorts of reasons, and most of the time, they want to get a couple of things out of their dates. However, Alan was not like that at all. For him dating Basildon escorts was strictly about business and he did not seem to have other intentions at all. Perhaps that is the reason why I fell in love with Alan.

Business Dating with Basildon Escorts

It did not take me very long to figure out that Alan was the kind of guy who was reluctant to hook up with a girl. Despite being in his early 50’s, he had never been married. We had spent some time on our dates talking about his lifestyle. Unlike the other gents I dated at Basildon escorts, it was all about business for him. His entire life seemed to revolve around his business and the company that he owned. It was unusual to meet a guy like him at cheap Basildon escorts services, and I must admit that I was rather fascinated by him.

After a while, I realised that Alan missed not having a partner in his life. But he was not looking for the kind of girl you would normally end up hooking up with at Basildon escorts. What he wanted out of life was something completely different, and although I had plenty of experience in giving men pleasure, I was not sure that I was the right girl for Alan.

How to Transform Yourself into A Domestic Goddess

What Alan was looking for was a domestic goddess. I am not sure there are too many domestic goddesses out there to be fair, or even girls willing to stay at home. Alan was looking for someone who would look after his home, cook his dinners and listen to him talk about his work. His partner would also have to be a girl who could accompany him to dinners and maybe host dinner parties in his home. Was I that girl?

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Although I was really busy at cheap Basildon escorts, I knew that I was potty about Alan. Out of all the men I had met at the escort agency in Basildon, I had never wanted a man so much. Every time I saw Alan, I used to go completely weak the knees. I even loved the scent of him and could stand for hours with my arms around him and breathe him in.

As a matter of fact, I wanted him so much that I was prepared to give up my high-flying escorts career with Basildon escorts. So, instead of trying to change Alan, I decided that I would have to change myself. Turning myself into his domestic goddess was one of the hardest things I had to do.

Do Basildon Escorts Need to Know How to Boil an Egg?

I don’t think that there is a real need for a girl from cheap Basildon escorts to be a good chef or even know how to boil an egg. However, I soon figured out that was exactly what I needed to do to catch Alan. I did not really know my way around a kitchen at the time, but that did not mean I was not willing to learn. 

To start my transformation, I found a cooking class locally in Basildon. It was great class and soon I was learning how to boil an egg, cook a traditional Sunday dinner and cook for entertainment as well. I knew that Alan enjoyed good food, so one night I invited him back to my place. My intention was to show him that I could be a domestic goddess as well as a sexy kitten. He fell for it hook line and sinker. A couple of months later I left Basildon escorts to be Alan’s domestic goddess. Do you know what? I am actually loving it, and I have no intention at all to go back to the escort agency in Basildon.  I have finally found my place in the world. 

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