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Who Says Romance is Dead?

Who says romance is dead? I love to work for cheap Alperton escorts. Not all of the men you meet are special, but there are a lot of men who can make it more special. One of the men who make it worthwhile for me coming into Alperton escorts every night is called John. The first time we met up on at outcall date, I knew that there was something special about him. He had this amazing caring attitude about him and I loved that.

When we met up for a second time, I realised that he had seen completely through me. Instead of bringing me a bunch of flowers which so many men do, he brought me a balloon. It was a lovely gesture and made me laugh. I must have told him that I liked ballons, but I can remember doing so. Anyway, that is how our love story began.

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John works as a long-haul pilot for a leading airline. He is one of these people who is a little bit socially awkward. I know that it is very difficult to have relationships when you work as a pilot, but it must be tough on John, Instead of him being outgoing, he is rather shy. I seem to attract a lot of guys at cheap Alperton escorts who are a little bit socially awkward. For some reason it suits me and I have become rather good at going out with these kind of guys.

Anyway, John and I carried on dating for a while at cheap Alperton escorts but then everything changed. John was the first of my gents at Alperton escorts that I really got to know, and as a result, we fell in love with each other. One day I woke up, and I could not think of anything else than John. He must have felt the same thing as on our next date, he asked me to leave Alperton escorts and come to live with him.

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Did I leave Aplerton escorts? At first I was not sure that I wanted to leave cheap Alperton escorts. It was one of those things that I had promised myself that I would never do. I have met so many girls who have left the London escort agencies they work for and regretted it. But, I was madly in love with John and felt that I wanted to do something completely different.

Well, my life today is totally different. If you like, you can say that I am living the dreams and that can’t be said for all of the girls who have left Alperton escorts. Instead of working late at night, you may find me getting up early in the morning to make the captain of my heart breakfast. Once I have done that, I start my own day.

Since I left Alperton escorts I have started my own business with the support of John. Instead of being one of those guys who wants his girlfriend home all of the time, he has encouraged me all of the way. Now I run my own mobile nail parlour. It has turned out to be a great business to be in.

John does not expect me to be there for him at every moment of the day. However, we do plenty of things together and have a lot of fun. There is an age difference but I have realised it is a good thing. We are perfect for each other and have a good life together.

When I last met the other girls who still work for cheap escorts, I proudly showed off my engagement ring. Yes, we are getting married and like I have said to the girls, I simply can’t wait to start the rest of my life with John. I have a feeling that he is the right man for me, and I am the right girl for him. We are planning a family, but first of all, we are going to do some travelling. Hopefully, John will never forget to buy me my weekly ballon. Yes, this man buys me a balloon every week and I love him for it. 

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