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10 Things Only the Best Escort Services in London Have

Many people consider beauty as the most important element of a successful escort service. While beauty is subjective, quality service is not.

What makes a great escort service is what goes on behind the scenes in escorting. Establishing a good reputation with regular clientele and creating an emotionally stable and wholesome environment is key to the success of a good escort service.

Take London for example, a city with an oversaturated market of escort possibilities. With so many options available, those that rise to the top have done so with good ethics, high-quality service, and intriguing escorts.

A service in London that is discreet, clean, and satisfying will leave you ready for round two on your next business trip or night out. We’ve done the research for you, now let us escort you to a list of things the best escort services in London will have:

1. Escorts In Great Physical Condition

While facial beauty isn’t everything when it comes to great escort services, a toned body is. People are hiring escorts to help them indulge in absolute pleasure and fulfill their wildest fantasies.

Escorts that list fitness and exercise at the top of their priorities will make for a solid choice, literally. Whether you’re looking for a woman or a man, the best escort services in London will offer you grade A physical form in a variety of ethnicities.

Those escorts in great physical condition normally have more stamina and endurance than those that are out of shape. Stamina is a key part of your night with an escort.

2. Zero Attitude Policy

The best escorts in London will work for agencies that have adopted a no attitude policy. Escorts can often be negative for one reason or another. Those who love their job might be hard to find.

Find a service with a positive attitude that you’ll want to spend time with. The best services in London will only hire youthful, energetic, optimistic escorts that don’t have an attitude.

3. Use Escort Services That Are Client-Focused

Always remember to use a service that makes you the priority. Making a client feel valued will make an agency a popular one. Find profiles and hire escorts that state clearly their desire to fulfill your wishes.

The best London has to offer will want to make sure your pleasure is a priority, and that you are comfortable. Escort services that go the extra mile to make you happy will make for some of the best business transactions on the market.

4. Escorts Who Enjoy Sex

Some less experienced escorts might not seem that enthusiastic during their time with you. However, the best professional services will always use men and women that truly enjoy sex. Let your nymphomaniac out during your time with an escort who loves what they do.

Escorts do not involve love, attachment, or emotions in their work. This is a good thing and those elements can often create problems in business transactions. However, it is important that the escort is enjoying their time with you.

A fantastic escort knows the act is for pleasure and doesn’t promise anything else. Let him/her show you their passion for what they do. If you can both reach a climax, then all the better.

5. Escorts Who Listen

The most highly sought-after escorts are those who listen to their clients. Find those services that will make you feel important and significant. Read carefully through each profile when making a decision on whom to use. Find a profile who states that listening to you is important.

Sometimes hiring an escort isn’t about just sex. Many people want a few hours of companionship and conversation. The best escort services will offer you quality company as well as sexual pleasure.

Listening is a key element to a positive experience, as is communication.

6. Communication Expertise

Great communication will skyrocket a service to extreme success. The best escorts will always show good communication efforts. Teasing from the beginning is a big part of the sexual startup. Find those who value teasing through conversations leading up to your encounter.

Sexually-charged, tasteful conversations are part of the best escort services in London. Beyond the lead-up, find a service that is clear and direct about the encounter specifics/rules, location, and cost.

The high-end escorts will always use discretion in their communication with you. Let communication be the platform for an exciting event ahead.

7. Thorough Profiles

As heretofore mentioned, profiles are important. The best services will have profiles with fantastic photography and a lot of information. A thorough profile will help you make the most informed decision possible.

8. They Are Experienced

Experience doesn’t mean they’ve been around and are racking up numbers, it means they know what they are doing. High-end options will know all of the tips and tricks in the sexual book.

A deep understanding for sexual fulfillment is a requirement for a fantastic escort service. The best of the best know the ins and outs of every fantasy and deep-rooted sexual desire. If you’re looking for S&M, bondage, domination or other types of evenings, be sure to use a service that has experienced escorts.

9. Fantastic Photos

Beyond great information on their profiles, great photos are an important part of the best escort services on the market. Professional photography of every angle of the escort will let you know exactly what you’re getting.

In 2017, it’s all about the photos. Don’t be surprised at who shows up to your door by using a service without great, accurate, realistic photography of their workers.

10. Great Ads

A great service is usually behind great ads. Ads are the window to the escort service soul. When considering who to use, understand that the best services have generated the kind of money that allows them to create a stellar ad campaign.

Using back books or craigslist to find a service is not advisable. Companies with fantastic ads is a tell-tale sign that you’re going to have an amazing experience.

Go Big, or Go Home

When it comes to hiring an escort, go big. Whether it’s a full chest or a full package you’re looking for, only use the best London has to offer. Get detailed and specific when communication with your escort.

Using this list of characteristics of the best escort services will help you decide on who to use. And remember, when it comes to escorts, consider the tip. When you are ready to find the escort of your dreams, click here.


No Girlfriends Just Elite Escorts

Being in a romantic relationship with a stable girlfriend may sound very appealing to most men but to me, I find it to be the most boring thing ever! Don’t get me wrong because over the years, since I first became sexually active at 19, I have had a taste of the dating scene having dated a
string of girlfriends. Although my dislike for dating stems from the bad experiences I personally went through while I was doing relationships, I have always known that I am not the kind of a man who is ready to tolerate all the drama that having a girlfriend or a wife brings. Hence the reason why I regularly book Elite London escorts!

You may think of me as being very strange but aren’t we all different? With varying tastes and preferences? Like the old saying goes, I have always been a firm believer that one should always go for whatever floats their boat, as long as they hurt no one in the process. And if I was made to choose between having a girlfriend and hooking up with Elite London escorts, I would choose the latter option any day. Before you appoint yourself the jury, the judge and the hung man, you may want to get down your moral high horse and read my many reasons why I personally think that booking an Elite London escort is way better than having a girlfriend! Here are the reasons why…

Immediate gratification is guaranteed.

If you are a man with a high sex drive, then you totally know what I mean by this. You see, with an escort, you get serviced any time the need arises. Unlike a girlfriend, you do not have to arrange for an expensive date in order to get her on with it. An Elite London escort knows exactly what you want when you seek her services. Contrast that to a girlfriend who may not even let you near her even after the third date! With my high libido, the only way I fight blue balls is by booking an escort every time I feel horny. It is hassle free and a sure way to get laid!

Having a girlfriend is very time consuming.

I am not new to the dating scene and when I say that having a girlfriend is time consuming, I very well know what I am talking about. You see this girl you like, spend several days designing an effective way to approach her and if you are lucky and she agrees to be your girlfriend, the nightmare of dates begin. You are expected to take her out severally and try to make small talk about each other’s life. By the time where you get to be intimate, several months have passed. For someone who likes things fast, is it surprising that I would rather book an Elite London escort? With an escort, you are down to business immediately you hook up with her. No need to have small talk about your love for cats and hatred of politics! She knows you are not there looking for friends, and she is okay with that!

No in-laws involved.
Back in the days when I was doing relationships, the thought of meeting my girlfriend’s family was my worst nightmare. I always wondered whether they were going to like me or flat out reject me and try to persuade their daughter to leave me. Some in-laws can be such a pain! With an escort, the prospect of meeting an in-law in nonexistent.

Open mindedness in terms of sex.
Most girls that I have dated in the past were very reserved and shy when it came to sex. There were areas in bed that were a total no-go zone to them. This would frustrate me a lot and most of the times, the sex was very unsatisfactory. This is probably the number one reason why I started booking Elite escorts in London. With escorts, you can engage in any form of bed activities that your girlfriend may not be willing to partake in. Escorts are very liberal when it comes to sex and since their earnings depends on how popular they are among their clients, they would do anything to satisfy you. No wonder many men get hooked.

They are very discreet.

Many people would rather keep their sex life very private, and I am no different. Your girlfriend has her friends. Let us face it here; most girls share things with their girl squad, even the most intimate details. It is very likely that if you have a girlfriend, every girl in her girl squad knows everything that you two do in bed, including the size of your manhood. Shocking, right? This gets even worse in the event of a break up. Your girlfriend will not think twice about airing all the dirty laundry about your relationship to everyone who cares enough to listen. With an escort, discretion is guaranteed. Escorts do not go away broadcasting the things you do to them. If you are a very private and shy person in public, but a freak with a load of fetishes when in private, your secrets are better protected when you book an escort than when you seek a girlfriend.

They are not picky.
Being choosy is a very rare character among escorts. They are indifferent to whether their client is good looking or ugly, tall or short, fat or muscled among other checklists that a girlfriend would closely observe. Your girlfriend wants you to look a certain way to fit her specifications but an escort could care less. They will service you without judgment.

Elite London escorts come in an array of choices. There are brunettes, blondes and redheads. There are Asian escorts with their doll-like features, those of African descent with their petite boobs and juicy hips, those of European descent and Latina escorts. Unlike a girlfriend who is always the same way, Elite London escorts exists in every form. You just cannot miss your preference.
As I conclude this, I must stress that the above are my personal reasons why I always prefer to book an Elite London escort instead of having a girlfriend. You do not have to agree with me and that is okay! We all have different lives, and we all choose on how to live ours!


Are London Escorts Prostitutes?

I feel so shitty right now. My girlfriend is a prostitute. It’s how we met. She is the one who started it with me, the whole love story. Now I am sitting here crying. 6 Month of shit I suffered. I bottled it up. Thought I am so strong for understanding her work, being so confident, so strong. But no, I am not. It all was bottled up. And now I can’t stop crying.

It’s all so stupid. Yesterday one of her customers added me on Facebook because he thought it’s weird she has a SO. He emailed me their conversation because he thought I don’t know anything about what she does. What I’ve read is brutal. Meeting my SO is like ordering a pizza. Total lack of respect. “How much” “how long” “I call you” “k”.

One thing I told her was, that she should always be honest with me. No long time bullshit going on vacations with customers or having them longer than 5-6hours. That guy wanted 48 hours, straight, she always being there. She agreed. That’s what broke my heart. Also was that whole Facebook thing for discussion, she told me there’s no work communication on Facebook. It gave me some sense of security, I don’t know why I believed it. When she’s sleeping she’s always online, every 30minutes-1.5hours. I’ve not seen her sleep through an entire night unless she’s with me. Now it all makes sense. With customers “ordering” via Facebook, you have to respond. You don’t want to lose a customer because your always taking your time replying.

I knew it from the start. I mean, I know how it works. I know the forums. But she convinced me of the opposite that she’s not like that. And now I am the IDIOT. How can she do that to me? Has she written with me when she was with a customer? I told her I NEVER ever wanted that. But I can’t trust it now. All the shit is coming back, everything I thought I have under control. Imagining her sucking dick while texting me, I can’t shake it anymore. It’s like she just murdered our relationship and doesn’t even know it. I cannot feel incredible sad when thinking about our good times together. I was hesitant to fall in love, but I did. I didn’t want this shit. I didn’t ask for it. I just wanted fun with my buddy and a damn fine luxury travel adventure.

Then this girl showed up with her girlfriend. I knew she was cool. I knew she got it. But I knew she will never be into me. Women like that just don’t. They stay about 5 hours 2 nights each, then we invite them to go on vacation with us. Everything cool. I know how to handle this, if I don’t want to crush on someone I don’t. We have a great time. 3 days into the vacation the girls start acting weird, I don’t know what it was till today. Since we are in a pretty big villa, it’s easy to avoid each other. I just go to them and try to hand them their money, which I thought was the reason for trouble. No, they didn’t want it. Fuck this shit. That night we go drinking and she ends up crying drunk in my arms. I guess it’s a hard life. Next day she’s all happy and shit. Rest of vacation is roughly the best time of the past years. We exchanged contacts and stayed in contact after our vacation. Alot of talking. I asked many questions. I will just ask this: can she really love me? I mean we have a little history now. When I was sick and in hospital, she took care of me for days. She fucking washed me in bed. What kind of woman does that? Every woman?

I have never met one. When we are with her friends (mostly prostitutes or Luton escorts) we have an incredible time (wow, no shit Sherlock, and 10 beautiful woman equals fun) and she treats me like a king. She try’s going beyond what I experienced with her as a customer in bed. She always listens to me. I had a dream this night, she called me to tell me she stops working. That was the fucking best dream I had. And when I realized it was a dream, I realized I wasn’t really okay with it.

I think it’s obvious that she loves me and cares about me. I think it’s also obvious that it weighs on her mind a lot and that she sees herself as less for having done it. One of the first things I noticed about my girlfriend when I met her was that she had a very low self-esteem. I spent a lot of time working on that with her and sort of feel that we’ve reached a point where she feels she can tell me what she needs to tell me. Maybe that’s how I feel about this one, not so much jealousy, but the fact that I have reached a point where she can tell me.

Being supportive doesn’t mean that I don’t feel though. I do. What will make or break what I have is how I control those feelings. Past doesn’t make present or future. It is past and it can’t be changed. I have just evaluated what I have on how she is with me, not how she was years ago.

My boat seems to have a lot of pieces and parts though and what has me wondering is whether I let them come at their own time or just try and put it all together up front. I’m leaning towards the come at their own time perspective because I do love this woman and because she’s been nothing but loving with me.

Now here’s the hard part. I don’t let her bothers me. I didn’t know her then. I weren’t emotionally involved with her then. I have no idea what she had to go through nor what she really did and ya know, don’t ask.I don’t know reedit, over at relationships or something I don’t want to post, I know this relationship is over sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time until I break down completely with this shit. And yes, the age: I am 24 and she is 22.

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